2023-06-08 07:06:29

This morning I come downstairs to find my kid is watching a cartoon where…



2023-06-07 09:32:21

Was quite proud of ourselves this morning listening to a TV news segment about the decline of flying insects while looking out over our lawn/meadow. Loads of starlings and sparrows pecking at the ground and buzzing around the trees. Bees enjoying the wildflowers on the deck. I’m even accepting of the ants nests these days.

No plastic here. Just nature at work.

2023-06-06 22:07:20

I’m having real fun looking at EVs. Nearly went for a Renault Zoe. When I pushed a bit harder it turns out the one I was interested in had a failed charging unit. I now don’t believe the story I was told about it’s history. And zero-star NCAP rating + failing charge circuits = NO THANKS RENAULT!!!

Looking at some Hyundais and MGs on Friday. They’re older to fit in our budget but look like much better cars.

2023-06-05 08:25:04

I’m back in the train. Some tough words these last few days. You have to be a right wordsmith to get this one!

Wordle 716 5/6


2023-06-04 19:50:56

I see school comms doesn’t improve when you get to secondary/high school.

PE kit uniform… who should have what kit?

– Rugby shirt
– Fleece – optional for girls in years 7-9
– Hoodie – optional for girls in years 9-11
– T-shirt (fitted, optional)


2023-06-04 16:03:31

I love this from Twitter:

"In recent memory I recall hearing or seeing that GOALS could stand for: Go Out And Learn Something, which I think is awesome…so awesome that I very well may also use that w/ sillylittlegoals.com

First email coming atcha June 4. Signup today!”

2023-06-03 21:41:52

Honestly, everyone… how on earth are you supposed to make decisions that involve spending tens of thousands of pounds/dollars?

How do you know you're doing the right thing?

Or is the trick that you don't, but you do the thing anyway?

2023-06-03 10:26:22

Can any EV people (@jackmcconnell ?) tell me why I shouldn't go to the dealership and buy this used Renault Zoe right now?

Why is this so cheap? And why hasn't it sold since it snowed (see the pictures) at least as long ago as March?


2023-06-02 22:42:56

Also… I went really frickin deep on EVs and I think our aging car only just got us home.

Suspect a new auto is coming very soon. And it won’t take petrol!

2023-06-02 22:41:23

Home from an almost-week “up North” based in York. Phew!!

– Becoming English Heritage members
– Whitby Abbey
– Jorvik Viking Centre (for the first time)
– Hanging out and catching up with old friends
– LOTS of good food

– Probably the longest traffic jam I’ve ever been in on the way home
– Overpriced and annoying AirBnB

2023-06-02 07:51:05

Was curious about yesterdays Wordle so many people posted. Actually wound my iPhone’s clock back to see it.

Gotcha!!! Phew!!

Wordle 712 6/6


2023-05-30 23:23:09

I broke the Turbo Admin plugin for Firefox users! Eeek!

I just released a tiny update to fix this. v1.13.3

Sorry about that, and thanks to those that reported it.

(I should emphasise that this was a plugin-only breakage. It did not apply to the browser extension version.)

2023-05-30 10:24:11

Must. Stop. Analyzing. Every. Website. That. I. Visit.

Today: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE respect reduced motion. And don't use accessibility overlays. And don't autoplay full-screen video. And done, like, animate in EVERY element on the page. PLEASE?