2023-09-20 15:44:17

UK Climate Policy. It’s so important and I’m so angry that it shouldn’t be content warning’ed, but I’m sticking with convention.

Jacob Rees Mogg doing some complete word vomit on the radio.

“We don’t want people to be cold and poor”

No, actually, you really do. That’s pretty much been you policy for the last 13 years. Your take is that if people are cold/poor it’s their own fault for not having a job and not working hard enough.

Your quasi-Victorian give-a-shit-ometer is stuck on zero.

2023-09-19 23:20:01

Here’s one thought… friction… not in physics, but in work.

There is good friction that slows you down a bit but has purpose. Sometimes… but not always… you want more of this. Like locks on doors. Or code reviews.

And there is bad friction.

My best analogy for this is “sludge” in Tears of the Kingdom. It’s annoying. It’s random. It slows you down. And your quest is to eliminate it! (But to do so you must wade through lots of it). Like broken systems! Fix them!!

2023-09-16 13:43:09

Has anyone invented a school version of ChatGPT yet that I can forward a zillion complicated emails to and then ask stuff like: “What days does little Johnny need to take his PE kit this week?”

2023-09-16 09:11:48

Imagine if “household concierge service” was a company benefit/perk. Could really improve employee productivity.

(Sure, it would be run by some big corporate that distributes the money to other big corporates rather than local tradespeople. That would be a downside. But…)

2023-09-16 09:10:03

Is there, like, a concierge service for household stuff? Someone that can coordinate multiple trades and services with minimal fuss?

Like “Please arrange to have my gutters cleaned, my toilet fixed and I’d like to speak with three reputable people about a kitchen redesign. Thanks.”

2023-09-16 09:04:12

Well. In an unexpected turn of events, after this week I would place “work for large corporate” way above “contribute to well-known open source project” in terms of things that seem positive for my life.

Never thought I’d be here.

2023-09-14 12:21:26

Announcement on The Tube (London metro):

“All folded and unfolded eScooters and eUnicycles are prohibited on…”

Hang in, WHAT? eUnicycles?

This can’t be what I think it is!!

2023-09-13 22:47:52

So my work backpack – which is basically my office in a bag – has given up on me.

Any recommendations for something that will survive years of cycling back and forth to my office while carrying a 16" metal-cased laptop and a drawers worth of gadgets, cables and stationary?

– Pockets
– Padded straps and back
– Tough fabric and zips
– Pockets
– More pockets

2023-09-13 13:46:03

I’m just a disaster at travel.

Couldn’t get the right hotel so I’m 1/2 hour travel from all the venues I’m attending.

My bag’s zip just totally failed. (Fortunately I’m the kind of person that always has a zip tie handy)

This stuff always happens to me.

I’m travel-cursed!!

2023-09-10 23:02:16

This is a fun little JS project. If you recognise it, it’s not going to be a public thing. I'm just messing with it because I think the algorithms will be interesting.

Very early days, but I went for it in terms of abstractions. There's a “draw an area of cell type A around a specified cell type B with maximum radius X" function, which pretty much everything else will use.


2023-09-10 14:48:26

I consider it a win that I'm entirely oblivious to any TypeScript drama that may be happening. I keep seeing references to it. But have not seen any of it first-hand.

Mute/block/follow wisely. It's good for you!

2023-09-10 14:32:41

This week, this introvert (actually ambivert), remote-working, nerdy software developer is being made to attend the London office with all the other UK employees. Which will, as far as I can tell, be mostly sales people.

This includes happy hour at a cocktail bar (“let’s have some fun!”) and a posh “Summer Rooftop Party”.

It’s a great company to work for. But you have to make _some_ sacrifices, right?

(Could I sneak in some small nerdy card games perhaps? 🤔)