09/06/2018, 06:44

And yes, I’m aware that “speed” of a language isn’t a huge factor. Writing efficient code has a far bigger effect. So I gues the question really is: does the language help you write efficient code? #learnToLoveJS

09/06/2018, 06:43

What I couldn’t find was details of when bytecode compilation is done & if a Node or browser process keeps any kind of cached compiled code (bytecode or object code) for future execution/requests. My guess is that Node, at least, would do this. References anyone?! #learnToLoveJS

09/06/2018, 06:43

In my quest to #learnToLoveJS today I looked into the basics of V8 architecture to see just how JS becomes object code. I’m relatively convinced of its speed. It’s hard to know exactly how good and efficient garbage collection is, but the marketing is good! 😉👏

09/06/2018, 06:38

[“SOLO” SPOILER] Watched Solo on kid’s teacher training day this week. Great movie. But totally confused about WHEN it happened. Han signs up to fight for the Empire, but then Darth Maul (?) pops up?

09/06/2018, 06:37

Oh, come on Argos – get your website team to sort this out please. Both of these are completely valid formats. 🙄

09/06/2018, 06:35

Yeah. I just complained about free stuff. That’s bad form. I apologise.

But this is the physical equivalent of a cookie banner, a “do you want to give us some feedback” pop up (yes, I do: kill the pop-up!!!), and a message telling me to disable my ad blocker.

09/06/2018, 06:35

[MOAN] The brain power required to use this load of @BootsUK vouchers is insane. I run my own business, have two small children and a wife on crutches. I don’t have time to think hard about this stuff. JUST MAKE THINGS CHEAPER!!!

09/06/2018, 06:33

This week, while podcast listening, I had a bit of a revelation about campaigning. Want to write it up but have NO time. Hope it doesn’t just drain from my brain.

09/06/2018, 06:32

Note from last night: This GDPR stuff has taken a lot of work to get right. But I’m in such a good place now:

✅ Ts&Cs updated
✅ Processor agreement in place
✅A ton less personal data on my laptop
✅ Self-built online proposal templates
✅ Online proposal/terms acceptance

31/05/2018, 21:06

3) “Noisy” children’s character toys and play sets: some kids programmes (Octonauts, Go Jetters, Hey Duggee) have pop-culture references or things that adults find funny. Why are the toys totally devoid of all wit? Toys should be funny too. Especially noisy ones.

31/05/2018, 21:06

2) Crutches, which my wife is using. Why, after all the years of medical innovation, do NHS crutches not have flat, rubbery bits on the arm hoops so you can prop them up against a wall without them falling over?!?!

31/05/2018, 21:05

I have decided that a few common objects need some design modifications.

1) My fridge. It needs a “butter drawer/box” that stops butter melting into a sloppy mess but without making it so hard that it doesn’t spread.

28/05/2018, 21:31

I actually went and put a notice on a website to say that I DO NOT use cookies or collect any personal data.


28/05/2018, 20:38

I also implemented MUCH better error handling, which means I’m not constantly polling for petitions that have been archived and (ridiculously) send me redirects to HTML pages when I asked for JSON!