13/04/2018, 17:33

The “safety CD” says you must wear the seat belt – it’s the law!

No one puts a seat belt on.

What should I do?!

13/04/2018, 17:31

My reserved seat (reduced anxiety for £2 is good value, OK!) was actually taken. Wasn’t sure what to do there, but I’ve claimed two seats across the aisle and no one seems to mind. Yet.

13/04/2018, 17:28

I get pretty anxious about travel. So this will be interesting. Especially as I don’t know the etiquette or practicalities.

There’s a loo…which is awesome. I hope it works. And it’s pretty quiet tonight so people have spread themselves out a bit!

13/04/2018, 17:26

So, as someone who pretty much always uses the train, today I’m on a coach. It was easy to book. Super cheap and the pre-flight info to prep me was awesome.

10/04/2018, 17:55

Itching to tinker with some React or Vue. I never really got into components, so just need to build something!!! Maybe this is the next step for Kownter analytics?

10/04/2018, 17:54

Bloody love this: people that run or work for companies that -theoretically at least – are my competitors help me find answers to my tech problems. This is why I left my corporate job years ago. To be part of a community of tech people who do useful stuff & help others out ❤️

08/04/2018, 21:53

Back from a delightful little holiday. Lyme Regis was lots of fun. Not the worst view from a holiday apartment ever…

08/04/2018, 21:53

Right. The WordCamp London travel and accommodation is booked. My first time on a coach! Should be fun. Any regular coach users have any travellers tips for me? Any “coach etiquette” I should know?

29/03/2018, 06:39

Think I might set up some alternative business awards celebrating businesses that stayed small and kept doing the same thing really well for many years. Growth isn’t the only measure of success!

27/03/2018, 09:38

So I woke at 6:15, took furniture down, moved it all around, pulled up carpet and hoovered. Carpet fitter (due “between 8 and 12”) is not here yet. I REALLY hope I didn’t get the wrong day. 😕

20/03/2018, 10:36

I can’t work out if my current feeling of despair and exhaustion is caused by the cracks in the tech industry around me, or by my kids waking up 1/2 hour earlier than normal.

20/03/2018, 10:35

Questions: (How) Can we get all the small local organisations and businesses that I want to follow off of Social Media but still online. Would doing this make a difference? How would it be discoverable? How could non-tech folk easily aggregate from other sources?